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Not to be mistaken for 90's American rap group Cypress Hill, this bad ass black STëLF kit still may leave you Insane In The Brain due to the amount of necks you'll be snapping as fellow hitters stare at you in awe.

Ain't nothing new about black kit but the Cypress Kit spices things up by introducing the timeless style of the Paisley pattern. Granted we may have "borrowed" this design off your grandfathers handkerchief its that old, but something's remain cool even if covered in snot and sweat... actually... come to think of it, you'll just be covering your fresh kit in the same body fluids anyway so no biggie. The Paisley pattern is thought to be a merging of a stylized floral spray and a cypress tree: a Zoroastrian symbol of life and eternity... something that comes natural to us cyclists that avoid Hit From The Bong.

Jayden wears a Medium kit. He measures:185cm tall, 82cm waist, 95cm chest & weights 77kg. Jayden enjoys his kit "pro cut"... he also enjoys riding his pushie and dancing at the disco with friends.

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Type: Full Kits

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Size Guide