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Fiore is Italian for flowers ... sorry for the simple name but we're all out of creative juices after designing the Season 4 range!
Well come to think of it, the Crimson Rose can symbolise death but at the same time, rebirth. You ladies can think of this when you're bombing the last 50 meters of a sprint finish and your Firoe kit will be the last thing your competitors see before your cross the finish line 1st. Boom ... that escalated quickly! 

This kit was a collaboration with artist Amber Carbury, inspired by her original painting, "Bell's Flowers".

Model, Samara wears a X-Small kit. She measures: 165cm tall, 70cm waist, 82cm chest, 80cm hip & weights 55kg. Samara enjoys her kit "race cut”.

STëLF recommends using ASS MAGIC chamios cream ... care for your chamios and your ass #LoveYourBum

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