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Welcoming a New World Order!
2016 has been a year of strange things happening. A once thought stable aristocracy political system now humbled by the disfranchised. Or are there strings being pulled by faceless men hidden in secrecy controlling the state of power and the order of the day? Brexit ... Trump ... all puppets to masters. Who are their masters? Who are the Illuminati ... ?
The Illuminati kit introduces a new jersey model to the STëLF catalogue. Take a close look at the sleeves and waist bands.
This kit was a collaboration with street artist J2ske ... see more of his artwork here

Pando wears a Medium kit. He measures:182cm tall, 88cm waist, 100cm & weights 77kg. Pando enjoys his kit "pro cut"... he also enjoys Tooheys New, fdouble espresso's & fist fights with Chuck Norris.

STëLF recommends using ASS MAGIC chamios cream ... care for your chamios and your ass #LoveYourBum


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