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There’s this fancy bird that dances around the place showing off its bright colours and extravagant style. This bird loves a good old fashion show and tell. There's always one of these birds in every bunch (of cyclists): “Did you see me hit that burg, 600 watts for the minute!” We’ve all been that guy and love it when it’s our turn to tell stories of race day glory. Meet the Peacock.

Native to India, the Peacock was thought to have been created by the Gods and could transform poisons into beautiful and vibrant feathers. The peacock’s plumage is a living example of turning poison into beauty and is a symbol of how suffering and pain can yield strength and grace.

This kit was a collaboration with artist Amber Carbury, inspired by her original painting, "Bell"

Jayden wears a Medium kit. He measures:185cm tall, 82cm waist, 95cm chest & weights 77kg. Jayden enjoys his kit "pro cut"... he also enjoys riding his pushie and dancing at the disco with friends.

STëLF recommends using ASS MAGIC chamios cream ... care for your chamios and your ass #LoveYourBum


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